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MXT6208 VID = 2008 PID = 2018 VID = 2000 PID = 2008 Repair Fake Flash Drive Solution

Posted by inspectortech on December 12, 2008

FixFakeFlash – solution MXT6208 controller identified with VID = 2008 PID = 2018 or VID = 2000 PID = 2008, fake flash drives. A total of 9 drives were tested and repaired. Advertised as 8GB, the true capacity varied from 680MB to 1.9GB (formatted). These fake flash drives can be repaired using the following information:

Read About VID PID Repairing Counterfeit Flash Drives – Steps To Succeed before proceeding to solution.

Chip Vendor: micov
Chip Part-Number: MXT6208

PnP Device ID: VID = 2000 PID = 2008
PnP Device ID: VID = 2008 PID = 2018

as reported by chipgenius. All drives tested were the same model. Opening one revealed the controller chip to be MXT6208A.

The recommended tool is UdTools1_0_4_6_20081010. You can google and download from or go directly here.

AMECO MXT6208/MXT8208 UDiskTools (20081010)

This version appeared to be more reliable than previous versions of the software including the older MPTools.

Step 1

Confirm with chipgenius that you have an MXT6208. Write down the VID and PID on paper.

Step 2

Download AMECO MXT6208/MXT8208 UDiskTools (20081010)

Step 3

Close your other program that are open.

Step 4

Launch the program. Go to the manual mode to inspect the VID and PID, if it is different, put in your VID and PID from chipgenius. The settings are often “remembered” from the last person who executed the program.

Do not play with any of the settings. Do not experiment. Do not try to manipulate the partition size or change the disk from removable to local. If you change to local you are likely never to see the drive again (depending on your operating system). The objective is to fix the fake and stick to “auto”.

Click on Apply if you had to change the VID and PID.

Step 5

On the main tab, under channel you should see a drive letter. On the same line it should tell you how many flash drive chips you have, the model of the flash drive (interesting but not really important) and the flash ID. You can look it up if you like in the documentation that comes with the download. When ready, click on the drive letter and watch the progress of the flash drive being checked and reformatted. You might find it interesting. How long it takes to complete depends on the speed of your usb port (2.0, 1.1) and on your computer. The larger the real size of your flash drive the longer it will take.

If you use the program I mentioned, it should also format the drive for you. A nice plus. Depending on the drive size you should expect the formating to be FAT or FAT32. The program should tell you the final size of the drive once it is done. If it is less then what you expect, understand it is probably due to the number of bad sectors it found.

Step 6

Once you have reflashed the drive, don’t begin to use it to store data. You have to test that the drive is now good and safe to use. Use the H2testw 1.4 programme. If you don’t have it please read:

H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

and download the software from the links provided.

If the program reports you have a good drive free of any errors, you have succeeded in restoring your FrankenFlash drive to a real flash drive.

Step 7

Understand you have repaired a usb flash drive that has been tampered with. If it has passed testing with H2testw 1.4, that is good. Do not use a repaired drive as a long term archive storage device.. You can use it as a transfer drive – to take information from computer 1 to computer 2. You can use it to store MP3 or MP4 files to play. You can use it to store videos to watch.

Not common knowledge is that flash drives have a limited life span – just like hard disks. So many read and write cycles. The more used, the more likely they will fail at some point. Flash drive chips are made of the same materials as RAM chips. They can take heat and a pounding but fakes are usually the rejects and not the highest quality of flash chips. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it, you should! Get the most out of it and your efforts! Make the counterfeit flash drive do many push ups for the effort you have given to make it a real drive. Just don’t store precious information on it without a back up.

I intend to make my 9 little rescued fakes earn their keep, but I won’t store information on them I don’t have a backup for. Their new job will be to store programs I use to fix sick computers that have to be removed from the internet until they are better. My FrankenFlash is now a fleet of little ambulances.

Solution Provider: KittyFireFlash 20081211
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12 Responses to “MXT6208 VID = 2008 PID = 2018 VID = 2000 PID = 2008 Repair Fake Flash Drive Solution”

  1. mriobross said

    Hola soy colombiano quiero ingresar a ser prte de este grupo soy un aFICIONADO AL SISTEMAS

  2. InspectorTech said


  3. Ujesh said

    Thanks man i did it now my 16Gb Kingston Datatraveller is working fine without any error
    even though it has become 491MB 🙂

  4. charlesboy said

    hi, i have used the udtools but can´t fix the usb disk with a mxt6208a chip. while click on drive letter the program shows a error:

    Download external code failed.

    How can i resolve this problem?

    • ITGuy said

      Look at this post

      as mentioned in the post you may have to try multiple versions of the udt tools

      did you confirm the controller type visually?

    • InspectorTech said

      IT Guy is dead on!

      The version of the tool matters. Some flash drive chips are dropped from newer versions to make place for newer chips. You some times have to try different versions. Best is to use the latest one, then work backwards for you chip.

      A visual inspection is a good idea if a tool does not work according to vid and pid info.

      Check both chips, little square controller chip and the long chip (storage)

  5. LISA said

    the link for the AMECO MXT6208/MXT8208 UDiskTools (20081010) does not work

  6. Chris said

    Hi, i just got a kingsten DT 200 128gig i took it apart
    its got the MW8209 chip in it and Samsug Kal00800cm ram i ran Chip Genius and got a VID 1002 PID 4397 i cant seem to find the right program or ram type. anybody else haven any luck ?

    iv tryed udtools Ver to some of them come up with Error
    some dont come up with anything at all.

    ill take any help at this point


  7. anto said

    please help me …
    I have a brand FD G2 2GB Kingston Data Traveler … can copy files but can not open my data was already wearing the rest of 500MB but all the data could not be opened … then I format with the following data:

    USB devices: USB 2.0 disk flasks
    VID = 1221
    PID = 3234
    Chip vendors: MICOV
    Chip part number: MXT 8208
    serial number: 10000000000007FE
    Revision: 2.50
    Product vendor: N / A
    Product Model: N / A

    then I try to use the tool: Ameco_UdTools ( _20081119 when going in a flash no writing code scan files Download ERROR

    then try again using: UDtools can be in flash but my FD size of 2 GB to 256 MB … how ya?

    then I try again to use Ameco MXT 8208 UdTools when going in a flash no writing ERROR download scan code fail …

    please help repair tool is appropriate for my FD


    please be sent via email:

    awaited email as soon as ya …

  8. silver said

    Device Name: +[J:]+USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Flash Disk 2.0 USB Device)

    PnP Device ID: VID = 2000 PID = 2008
    Serial Number: 5&&2461925A&&0&&7
    Revision: 2.80

    Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

    Chip Vendor: micov
    Chip Part-Number: MXT6208

    Product Vendor: (N/A)
    Product Model: (N/A)

    Tried the AMECO MXT6208/MXT8208 UDiskTools (20081010). Didnt work for me. The drive letter gets displayed but when i click on start option nothing happens. what should i do?

    • q said

      [The drive letter gets displayed but when i click on start option nothing happens.]

      same for me.
      VID = 2000
      PID = 2008
      Chip Vendor: micov
      Chip Part-Number: MXT6208

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