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ATJ209X ACU75XX VID = 10D6 PID = 1101 Repair Fake MP Player Solution

Posted by inspectortech on February 1, 2009

FixFakeFlash – solution ATJ209X ACU75XX controllers identified with VID = 10D6 PID = 1101, fake MP Players. The MP Player tested and repaired was from the high volume eBay Fake MP Player johnnymagasin. Advertised as 8GB, it’s true capacity was 1GB. This fake MP Player can be repaired using the following information. The steps outlined in this solution may work for other MP Players as well.


Read About VID PID Repairing Counterfeit Flash Drives – Steps To Succeed before proceeding to solution.

Once you have identified your chip and vendor you can then proceed with the steps outlined.

We are pleased to offer you a visual guide created by a victim known under the pen name – FlashCSI.

Please visit Fixing Fake MP Players From Johnnymagasin for the steps and software.

Other software for MP Players that could help you (note use the one provided by FlashCSI for MP players from JohnnyMagasin.

Solution Provider: FlashCSI. 20090119
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10 Responses to “ATJ209X ACU75XX VID = 10D6 PID = 1101 Repair Fake MP Player Solution”

  1. buldo said

    Ne fonctionne pas en version 2

  2. Darko said

    Same with Buldo. Above technique wont’ work on Version 2.0

    Anyone know how to flash it?

  3. Wilfred Hughes said

    I still need help because I haven’t found the program to flash the firmware of my Actions 1GB MP3 player. I have tried using Mp3 Player Utilities to partition and format several times and put the songs but it says ‘Disk Error’. Mostly it recognises the 1st partition of 17Mb only and when 1 big partition of 1gb is created and formated to FAT or FAT32, it says ‘Disk Error’ on all the menus.

    Please help!!!!!

  4. jay said

    another guide that don’t work.

  5. InspectorTech said

    MP Players are tricky, Jay.

    There is also the assumption that chipgenius reported the correct information. The VID and PID, if not correctly programmed into the fake may not accurately identify the chip for usb controller and usb flash drive storage chip.

    So, in a case like this, you have open the player up carefully and identify the chips manually, then continue to search for software, etc.

    There is no magic quick fix for all mp players, also you have an additional issue of the firmware for the specific mp player model to consider as well. Complicated? Fixing mp players involves a lot more work then usb flash drives.

    So if things do not work out, open and identify the chips manually.

  6. please help said

    I have tried several times, but still do not have the player fixed.
    the partioning tool reports whsat I think is real: 4GB but does not allow to format.
    The PC reports it as 16GB and formats to that information.
    on chipgenius tool I have:

    Device Name: Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller – 27C8
    PnP Device ID: VID = 8086 PID = 27C8
    Serial Number: 3&&11583659&&0&&E8
    Revision: (Information not returned)
    Device Type: Generic USB Host Controller – USB2.0 Full-Speed (USB1.1)
    Chip Vendor: (No match record)
    Chip Part-Number: (No match record)
    Product Vendor: Intel(R)
    Product Model: 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller – 27C8
    Tools on Web: (N/A)

    I opened and the chips were:
    – AK2025C
    – K9GAG08UOM – PC80
    I am unable to find the appropiated sw, please help to find something that helps me to have this fixed.

    • ITGuy said

      K9GAG08UOM is a 16Gbit or 2GByte memory chip. See:

      Click to access Nand_Flash.pdf

      General information on MP player repair can be found on
      The AK2025 is part of the ANYKA family off chips and the site has information on repair techniques. The repair technique for your player could to enter “service mode” and partition the memory or you may have to locate the correct firmware and reflash the device. You should back up the firmware on the device before you experiment

  7. Asley Lizano Mederos said

    por favor necesito un codigo de activacion para para descargar el firmware de mi mp4
    si alguien me lo puede mandar lo agradeceria mucho

  8. Avanish Sharma said

    Thanks a million ‘FlashCSI’ and people of, i successfully recovered my fake mp3 player…..

    it was sold to me as 1GB mp3 player, but turned out to be 256MB!

    now its working fine….even though i wasted money atleast i got 256MB back!

    product name: S1 mp3 player
    VID = 10D6 PID = 1100

  9. after pulling out my hair all I had to do is hit format on the device itself lol

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