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New Website Site Joining The FrankenFlash Project Soon – Scams MP Players – USB Flash Drives – Memory Cards

Posted by inspectortech on March 20, 2009

The FrankenFlash Project has a new site that will be joining the project very soon. FLASHDRIVEFACTS at will address consumer education on the subject of flash technology for MP Players, USB Flash Drives and Memory Cards. Chaired by Flashchiptutor, it will expose counterfeit and fake items available on the international market.

Why is there a need for a new site? How can you help?

SOSFakeFlash and  FakeFlashNews experiencing increased traffic to their websites for brand names. Consumers who purchase these drives wonder where they come from. Many people are looking to buy inexpensively and sell MP Players, Usb Flash Drives and Memory cards at internet sites or on eBay. The most recent outreach campaign to eBay sellers has demonstrated many are victims – just like their buyers. The FrankenFlash Project has only one conclusion – the global public, whether seller or buyer is not aware of just how deep the problem is. FlashDriveFacts will attempt to meet this need.

If you have any information on fake or counterfeit flash devices, such as MP Players, Memory Cards or USB Flash Drives please write to The new site is very interested in internet sites and sellers. They are also interested in buyer and seller stories. You can write yours up and send it in. There will be a section for buyer stories and seller stories.

Lend a hand and help educate the world out there! It is the only way to put a stop to this fake flash plague!

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