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Mac (Apple) H2testw Alternative Program Called F3 By Michel Machado

Posted by inspectortech on February 25, 2012

F3 by Michel Machado is an open source Linux software to test flash memory capacity that now runs on Mac computers!. H2testw does not run on Macs (Apple) computers as it is Windows based. This has been serious problem, now solved! Michel first developed the programme to run on Linux.

Starting with Version 2.0, F3 compiles and works on Macs!

At last, Mac users now have a software they can use to test flash memory capacity!

What Harald Bögeholz did for Windows users, Michel Machado has done for Linux and Mac Users! Both hard working champions to help people discover the true capacity of flash memory chips.

Michel Machado:

I’ve released F3 version 2.0, which compiles and works on Macs. Check the page:

Thank you Michel for your hard work and effort.Mac users now can test flash memory capacity. Your contribution appreciated.

Windows Users:

Linux Users:

Remember, once you have tested your mp player, memory card or usb flash drive one of two things will happen:

1) You discovered you have a good flash memory chip that delivers the advertised capacity. You now have peace of mind, you bought a genuine item and it is safe to use.

2) You discovered you have a bad flash memory chip. It does not deliver the advertised capacity! Do not use the item! Do not store any files on it. You have entered into what the FrankenFlash project calls the “Dark World” of fake flash memory. It can be a nightmare. You may have lost your files and data.

This discovery can be shocking. It is painful. It is the reason a project called “FrankenFlash” was born. Currently there are seven main sites working to help you along with many independent ones, forums and Wikis.

If you discover you purchased fake flash memory, it is your duty to go after the source. You will have to fight to get your money back and also try to get any damages for the files you lost. It is not an easy thing to do. At most, people will recover the purchase price.

You do have the right to expose the source, where you purchased your fake flash memory item. You may do so by visiting forums and leaving a message. You can also report to SOSFakeFlash. They document sellers. See: Report A Fake.

You will find SOSFakeFlash’s list of documented eBay fake flash sellers impressive!

You can help it grow to expose the issue.

To repair fake flash memory, you need to study this site. It is a challenge. It is not always easy. It is possible in most cases. However, it is our duty to remind you that whether you should expend the effort depends on the true size reported by F3. This programme can help you decide if you should spend time trying to repair or if your time is better spent making the seller who sold you the fake flash a misery and ensuring you are adequately compensated for your misfortune.

FixFakeFlash must tell you the truth, the facts.

If you are interested in repairing mp players or usb flash drives you have a good chance. If it is a memory card, you face additional challenges:

Are You Trying To Repair Fake Flash Memory Cards? Read TechChips Report, Covers Methods For Windows And Linux

You can add Mac to the issue, thanks to the hard work of Michel Machado.


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  2. […] Mac (Apple) H2testw Alternative Program Called F3 By Michel Machado […]

  3. Ian said

    Doesn’t work.

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