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FC8308 VID = 0001 PID = 7778 Repair Fake Flash Drive Solution

Posted by inspectortech on March 29, 2010

FixFakeFlash – solution FC8308 controller identified with VID = 0001 PID = 7778, fake flash drive. The drive tested and repaired was from eBay Fake Flash Seller emily123123. Advertised as 8GB, it’s true capacity was 2GB. This fake flash drive can be repaired using the following information.



Read About VID PID Repairing Counterfeit Flash Drives – Steps To Succeed before proceeding to solution.

LukeDoctorFlash found his usb flash drives reported, Chipgenius gave the following result:

Device Name: +[G:]+USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Flash Disk USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 0001 PID = 7778
Serial Number: 5&&193E6BE6&&0&&5
Revision: 8.00

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: Alcor
Chip Part-Number: FC8308

Product Vendor: (N/A)
Product Model: U

Tools on Web:

A quick search on gave me the correct tool:


During flashing, I had to set the Mode to Pure disk (Setup-Mode-Pure disk), it was set to CAP set = 8GB.

This explains how they are counterfeiting the devices, just set CAP to 8GB and a device that is 2 GB, after low level formatting, magically becomes 8GB! (I tryed and it works!)

In repairing his usb flash drive, LukeDoctorFlash found the magic answer for this particular low level formatting tool. How FrankenFlash is created. The procedure differs for each low level formatting tool and it is NOT advised people experiment, unless willing and prepared to lose the usb flash drive. Low level formatting is done once, at the Fab. Repeating this procedure affects the life span of the memory chip (wear leveling). The more low level formatting carried out on a nand memory chip, the shorter life span it will have before failure. Exercise care.

LukeDoctorFlash reports: after formatting, this is the result of H2testw:

Writing 1953 MB
Verifying 1953 MB
Test finished without errors.
You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
Writing speed: 2.48 MByte/s
Reading speed: 6.57 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

And, last but not least, this is the result of Chipgenius after low level formatting:

Device Name: +[G:]+USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Flash Disk USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 058F PID = 6387
Serial Number: 5&&193E6BE6&&0&&5
Revision: 8.07

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: Alcor
Chip Part-Number: AU6983

Product Vendor: (N/A)
Product Model: (N/A)

Tools on Web:

Totally different chip, VID and PID!

Do you know why the VID and PID changed? For LukeDoctorFlash it is a mystery. For the technical team in the FrankenFlash project, it is not. Low level formatting tools usually save the last users settings. When you download a tool from an internet site, the last settings of the uploader are the current settings for the tool.

You should always check any low level formatting tool you download to potentially correct your nand flash memory chips. Look at the manual settings. Review them. Check any VID PID information against yours.

If you find things don’t match and you are able to open your usb flash drive carefully, decode the usb controller chip for Chip Vendor and Chip Part-Number. Many fake flash memory reprogrammers do not pay attention to the real chip information inside. Because of their sloppy behavior, you could accidentally use the wrong tool and do more damage than good.

Chipgenius is useful, if you search the internet and find a match for tool, this is good news. However, we advise you do a manual inspection of the actual chips inside, just to be sure.

LukeDoctorFlash’s H2testw shows he had a successful repair, also a decent quality flash memory storage chip on board.

Solution Provider: LukeDoctorFlash. 20100329
Reported In at:


16 Responses to “FC8308 VID = 0001 PID = 7778 Repair Fake Flash Drive Solution”

  1. Benjamin B. said

    The tools that you offered and the web site;
    are in Chainese, I don’t know how 55.6% of readers are succeeded?

    • InspectorTech said


      We don’t offer or provide tools at this site. In this post the tool used was FC_MpTool_FC8308_FC8406_v.2.02.00

      It was also mentioned that it was found at, this Russian site is one of the best to find software to fix flash memory chips.

      Please read the FAQ at this site, use translation (google translation) to assist you and also for the Russian site.

      It is also a good idea to open the item and decode the usb flash memory controller chip and the usb flash drive storage chip, just to be sure. We are seeing a lot of reports where the fake flash memory programmers are not using good vid and pid and it confuses people. It can also lead to using the wrong software tool.

      After using chipgenius, it is a good idea to double check manually to be very sure.

  2. I have a 16GB fake usb key. Chipgenius indicate me

    VID = 0001 PID = 7778
    PnP Device ID: VID = 0001 PID = 7778
    Revision: 8.00
    Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed
    Chip Vendor: Alcor
    Chip Part-Number: FC8308

    Before read this page, I used MXT6208_MPTool.exe and it failed. After reboot my windows XP, I have no more usb port that works. I try to update my drivers but same issue.

    Hopefully my keyboard and mouse don’t use USB.

  3. Oups a 32GB fake and a true 2GB capacity. I have a multireader memory card and usb port installed to my PC. It doesn’t work anymore like other USB port. Help !

  4. Ok I found the solution at my problem

    run regedit.

    goto:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{36FC9E60-C465-11CF-8056- 444553540000


    disable and enable your devices from device manager.

  5. momo said

    hey i have a 2gb usb flash memory with a very strange error..
    when i put more than one mp3 file ( say 15 files ), not all of them work properly..only 10 to 12 files work and the others don’t..
    i tried FC_MpTool_FC8308_FC8406_v.2.02.00 , but the problem remains then i tried FC_MpTool_FC8308_FC8508_FC8406_v03.00.02 ,the up to date version, but the size of my usb flash memory become 122 MB only !
    plz help…what should I do ?

  6. higado2 said

    Yeah, I got another one fake one from eBay This one was supposed to be 32GB … sigh. This was the second fake USB flash drive I have bought from eBay …. and needless to say, the LAST one I’ll ever buy! Anyways, mine was all metallic and looked like a keychain. H2Testw said it’s really a 2GB drive. I used chigenius and got the same results that LukeDoctorFlash got.

    However, I used FC_MpTool_v03.05.04 from the website. I tried using the latest version, FC_MpTool_v04.00.03, but it just refused to run.

    *WARNING* Please unplug ALL USB Flash Drives AND any External USB Hard Drives you may have plugged into your comptuer BEFORE you run FC MpTool!!

    I had to go search in google for instructions on using FC MpTool. I found some on this website:

    Here is a copy of those instructions by Dude M:
    “The first step is to run the chipgenuis.exe to find the VID and PID numbers. Write these down. example VID 0001 PID 7778.

    You do not need the serial or chip part number. If you find it is ok to keep.


    If you have the USB plugged in, then you have to remove it from your computer.

    Go to the folder where the FC MPtool.exe file is located.

    Right click on the file and click on run as adminatrator.

    If you see a window come up that says hub changed or something like that, your USB is still plugged into the computer DUH.

    You will see the main program load up. If you look in the Usb Instructions.rar file you will see what that looks like.

    (Note the UsbInstruction.rar is a xps file that Internet Explorer will view it.)

    Step 2

    Now you can plug in your Usb in your computer. You will see it displayed as a (308000: not specific) or something like that, relax it is OK.

    Now click on the (setup) Button. It will ask for a password just leave blank and click (OK) and it will go past it.

    Step 3

    You will get a new window that shows up with the tabs (flash type), (mode), (Information), (bad block), (other).

    Now you will start at flash type, you should see your chip listed automatically in the flash type box. Do not change it is your real chip set number. Mine was (MT29F32G08MAA).

    Then set MP setup Optimize to (Capacity optimize) box.
    Then set (Low level format) by clicking it.
    Then set LLF to (Natural Check default).
    Then set scan level to (Full scan 4) for a quick scan.
    Then You are done do not touch any other setting.

    Step 4

    Go to the (mode) tab to set the settings.

    Then set Mode to (pure disk).
    Then set partition set (slide it to 0%).
    Then set volume label to (kingston) but you can name it whatever you want it to be.It labels what it shows on your computer.
    Then set disk sn (F19DB321) it also can be whatever you want it to be.
    Then set led set to (ON) that sets the Usb light to come on when plugged into the computer.
    That is it do not change anything else.

    Step 5

    Go to the (Inforamtion) tab to set the settings.

    Then set the VID and PID numbers you got from the chipgenuis program. Mine where VID 001 and PID 7778.
    Then set SCSI vender string (kingston) product string (datatraveler).
    Then set USB vender string (kingston) product string (datatraveler).
    Note It can be anything you want it to be. Usually you would put the name of your Usb.

    Then set the SN set or serial number. Again you can use Random set or fixed and put (F19DB321) like I did with mine.

    Step 6

    Go to the (bad block) tab set the settings.

    Then set bad block to (Auto check).
    Then check the box (uninstall driver when close MP).
    That is it.

    Step 7

    Go to the (other) tab to set the settings.

    Then set compel specify flash to (default).
    Then Hit the (OK) button on the button right hand corner you are done.

    Step 7

    You will go back to the main screen. You should see your Usb listed now with a long string of numbers and letters.

    That is the fake flash they put on your Usb to make it say a larger size then it actually is.

    Mine was (JS29F32G08AAMD1) to make it look like a 64Gb drive.

    Now You Hit the (start) button.

    It will erase and bad block twice in a row. Because they partitioned it into two drives.

    Then it will bring it back to its original size. Mine USB went down to 2Gb. But now it is stable and useable.

    When it says MP done successfully, then hit eject.

    Then close the program. You should then unplug and replug your Usb. It will show the settings you put into it.

    Now you have a new Usb. Enjoy.
    Instruction How to ReFlash USB to Original
    This is the Russian manual from the Russian website. It gives you a Quick look at how to setup the FC MPtool.exe that reflashes your USB back to default settings.”

    And with that, I now have a crappy 2GB USB flash drive ….. yay. I hope this post was useful.

  7. Kev Johnstone said

    Hi higado2,

    I bought a 32GBfrom ebay from xprodeal. These instructions were brill, I now have a working 2GB drive, which is better than nothing. I have been doing backups to this stick for 11 months, and not realizing that the files weren’t copying properly. Its a good job I didn’t need to use the backups.

    I should have known that at £16 in Dec 2009, the deal was too good to be true!

    Thanks for the tutorial, it has fixed my UFD.

    Kev Johnstone

  8. Dear All,

    I have a promotional 2Gb Tohsiba Drive, that initially had a small UDF partition (about 11Mb) and a regular FAT (about 1.88Gb).

    With all little reading around and looking for solution I used Chip Genius to identify the chip on the drive; a SM3252A Memory Bar with a SM3211BC1 Chip.

    I found the SMI Mass Production Tool (v 1.17.69 v4 08/28 build) relevant to the Chip from a Russian website and did the following:

    1. Multiple Erase All selecting the contents on Port 1 and 2, without changing any settings (screenshot not shown).

    2. Then running the tool once with the default.ini configuration, erasing bad blocks (screenshot not shown).

    Now what I have is a Removable drive with 44Mb capacity, seen either as 44M or as 2048M.

    I have attached some screenshots (one with the default setting windows).

    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    Screenshot 3

    Screenshot 4

    Can anyone please guide me with the tools settings so that I might reclaim the UFD for normal use.

    I’ll make myself available for anyother details. Thanking you in anticipation.

    Ragards ~ sunshinekhan

  9. Sameh Araj said


    Happened to me a problem in flash memory

    I found the SMI Mass Production Tool (v 1.17.69 v4 08/28 build) relevant to the Chip from a Russian website and did the following:

    1. Multiple Erase All selecting the contents on Port 1 and 2, without changing any settings

    After the step of Flash Multiple Erase All does not recognize device on the flash

    Please help

    I have another flash the same quality and size of the assistant

  10. Sameh Araj said

    Device Name: ?[G:]?USB Mass Storage Device(Philips GoGear SA23xx USB Device)

    PnP Device ID: VID = 0471 PID = 084D
    Serial Number: AA00000000000001
    Revision: 1100

    Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

    Chip Vendor: (No match record)
    Chip Part-Number: (No match record)

    Product Vendor: Philips
    Product Model: GoGear SA23xx

    Tools on Web: (N/A)

    After the problem has become so

    Device Name: ?[G:]??USB Mass Storage Device(USB MEMORY BAR USB Device)(Philips GoGear SA23xx …

    PnP Device ID: VID = 090C PID = 1000
    Serial Number: 12345678901234567890
    Revision: 1000/1100

    Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

    Chip Vendor: SMI(??)
    Chip Part-Number: SM321~SM325

    Product Vendor: Philips
    Product Model: GoGear SA23xx

    Tools on Web: ?

  11. Ricky said

    damn , i think i failed to flash it down . . first my vid is 0011 n pid is 7788 and now it’s all changed up . after doing what this page says , my computer can’t detect any flashdisk . before i unplug the FD , the Mp tool said that the bad error or something is too much . . Please help me,anyone ?

  12. Jeroen said

    Please help,

    I am unable to select settings. I always have to select an *.ini file with these settings. Why can’t i change them in program.

  13. andrew said

    damn, too many fakeFD now.
    mine was kingston 8gb but every copied file above 4GB, it must be corrupted.
    after several time to format, and then i know, my kingston was fake !
    and as result is pure 2GB.

  14. Elii said

    Hey everyone! I have a 4gb disk, but in the settings of the FC MP Tool, i can’t find the disk type in the flash type’s case! due to that, i can’t set the tool the right way. Please, what am i supposed to do? thanks folks!

  15. asa said

    Device Name: +[H:]+Generic USB Hub(Data Traveler G3 USB Device)

    PnP Device ID: VID = 8087 PID = 0024
    Serial Number: 5&&CAD23D7&&0&&1
    Revision: 8.00

    Device Type: Standard USB device –

    Chip Vendor: (No match record)
    Chip Part-Number: (No match record)

    Product Vendor: Data
    Product Model: Traveler G3

    Tools on Web: (N/A)
    how do this master??? help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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