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Fake MP Player and How To Fix It – Niko’s Repair Of eBay Seller lovehuangfeifei2008 Fake MP Player

Posted by inspectortech on May 21, 2009

Is this MP Player sold by lovehuangfeifei2008 really 8GB? No it is not. It is only 2GB. So how did a victim fix this MP Player?

See how Niko managed to restore the Fake MP Player sold by lovehuangfeifei2008 to it’s real 2GB size. The solution could help you repair your fake MP Player to it’s true size so you can use it.


Inside the MP Player looks like this:

lovehuangfeifei2008 internal-8GB-1

Niko said about the larger chip:

The chip inside this player is a SAMSUNG 910 k9gag08uom it came up as 2GB when I looked it up. Seems like something is grayed out then pcb0 and below it on the chip reads ycb578dcc

Here is how Niko fixed the player:

The smaller chip AK1025 is 8I028AB 0II OR 81028AB 011, can’t make out if its a 1 or a I

Fixing this player wasn’t hard, honestly I would need another one to write step by step instructions on that.
Before finding H2TESTW 1.4 I found a Check Flash 1.09 I put it on a Write and Read test, full pattern set, test length manual 5 cycles. Access type was either as logical drive or as physical device.

I left it runing for the night, it wrote over everything on the chip few times and verifyed it few times and was still at work when I got up.

I stoped the program, unpluged the drive, looked around the menus, I might have changed the Online Type/mode in the set up and plugged it back in, the drive wasn’t formated so format came up with 1.9GB drive, formatted and its been 1.9GB / 2GB drive ever since.

These players have a interesting Online mode in the set up options are:

Multi drive
Normal only
Encrypted only.

on this player, mutli drive showed two partitions one with my content and other had some kind of encrypted content some strange filenames all messed up supposedly big files in there atleast two 3GB files etc.

  • normal mode shows the disk for the user content
  • encrypted only shows only the strange partition.

Thats the way it worked before I wrote everything over, now it only shows the 2GB disc on any setting.

I would definitely need to buy another one of these to write step by step on it, but the firmware might be different from another seller so its pretty tricky, it might not get fixed the same way, the 16GB player that I have which is actually around 4GB the same steps didn’t work on it.

You can get check flash 1.09 from:

I suspect any kind of proper format might fix this player (all sectors written, could be done with windows format, from command line with format /X /P:1 Driveletter: (/P:passes Zero every sector on the volume passes times.)

Note becareful to pay attention with programmes that run in command boxes and use parameters, make sure you get your drive letters and parameters sorted out first!

Niko’s solution may work for you too. If you bought on of those many fake MP Players from lovehuangfeifei2008 you might like to try. If you have an MP Player like the one shown in this solution, you just may be able to fix your MP Player and restore it to it’s true size!

Solution Provider: Niko 20090521

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11 Responses to “Fake MP Player and How To Fix It – Niko’s Repair Of eBay Seller lovehuangfeifei2008 Fake MP Player”

  1. Valera said

    This metod don`t work for me (same disign an pcb…)
    Did any one hawe firmware or firmware dump for this player ?
    My plater fw. ditails:
    i don`t find any firmware for this device …..

  2. Randy said

    Based on the posted picture of player, I would assume that the AK1025 chip is a combination chip. It combines the function of a flash memory controller, lcd display controller and MP3 decoder.

    A google search on ak1025 turns up a number of download sites.

    This one is faily old. The other sites McAfee Siteadvisor flags for dangerous downloads

    This site has some diagnostic tools for MP3 players.

  3. Leon said

    It worked for me for a RIZONE mp4 player (from ebay) with Rockchip chip that had 2G instead of 8G this way:
    I used Check Flash 1.09 and did one full write and read test using physical device access.
    This test destroyed the partition and the drive looked unformatted.
    Then with the same tool I did a low level initialization and when it showed me a partition table I created a partition of 1902 MB instead of 16Gb.
    How big a partition to create you can find from the logs of the first test where you can read in hex the first place that an error occurred (first line). If you use calc you can convert this number to decimal and see the real useful size of your disk.
    Try at your own risk!
    thanks Niko

  4. Random667 said

    I just tried this on an newer version touchscreen mp4 player.
    It was supposed to be 32gb but was only 3.8gb.

    I opened the Check Flash 1.10 program,
    selected the drive,
    selected as a “physical device”,
    Selected “low level initialization”
    Hit Start,
    Hit new,
    Selected Fat32,
    Moved the slider to around 4gb,
    Hit OK,
    Hit OK,
    Hit cancel

    The device now shows up in windows as 3.81gb

    • nty said

      Hello Random667,

      Thanks for sharing and posting the un-hacking instruction for the touchscreen mp4 player. I have a 32GB(hacked) one too.
      In the unhacking process I have some questions for you. Hope you do not mind.

      After I selected “low level initialization”
      then Hit Start.
      A message pop up saying
      “This device is formatted as a “big floppy” drive…….This change is DESTRUCTIVE…..”
      And prompting for Y/N selection.
      Is this normal?
      Should I proceed with “Yes”.

      If I clicked “NO” because I am not sure.
      I notice a new screen pop up with a detail Partition breakdown table showing 4 separate partitions (No. 0, 1, 2 ,and 3).

      Do you encounter this partition table and if you did how you proceed from this point?

      Please advice and thanks in advance.

    • DT1375 said


      Did just buy of ebay myself, a “Rizone” 16GB MP4 3″ player.
      Memory is hacked to show 16GB, inside there is a 2GB Samsung flash memory.
      The controller i a RockChip 2705.

      I have not been able to restore this unit back to 2GB at all, and it seems to be a lack of know-how on the rockchip based hacks.

      Anyone with success on restoring a RockChip RK2705 based player to it’s origin size on the flash memory?

      (In case anyone wonders, PayPal was notified by dispute, seller replied within hours for a full refund + keep the player, I’ll take this further though as it’s needed to wake up ebay and paypal, Visit to see why)

  5. […] […]

  6. Tom said

    This is 8GByte MP4 digital player buy from Hong Kong.

    The media is likely to be defective.
    1.8 GByte OK (3956153 sectors)
    5.4 GByte DATA LOST (11483719 sectors)
    Details:5.4 GByte overwritten (11483719 sectors)
    0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
    0 KByte corrupted (0 sectors)
    8 KByte aliased memory (16 sectors)
    First error at offset: 0x0000000078bb7200
    Expected: 0x0000000078bb7200
    Found: 0x0000000078bb5200
    H2testw version 1.3
    Writing speed: 1.80 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 5.68 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

  7. ians1 said

    Analysed with Chipgenius gave:-

    Device Name: ++[F:][G:]+USB Mass Storage Device(RockChip USBDISK User USB Device)(RockChip U…

    PnP Device ID: VID = 071B PID = 3203
    Serial Number: USBV1.00
    Revision: 1.00/1.00

    Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

    Chip Vendor: RockChip(???)
    Chip Part-Number: RK2608

    Product Vendor: RockChip
    Product Model: USBDISK User

    Tools on Web: (N/A)

    Used Windows to do a quick reformat (says 16GB)

    Ran h2testw and got 1.8GB as usable figure

    Then used chkflsh to re-partition an active partition FAT32 (thats important) size = 1.8GB

    Write changes and at the prompt to replug the unit, leave the OK prompt on screen and unplug/plug device into USB then click OK. Should see “No errors” in top right hand of chkflsh.

    I have been able to reverse this and get back to 16GB as this is the amount the USB Mass Storage Device (inside the Rockchip LSI) has been hacked to say the capacity is.

    This is a very similar scenario to many years ago when BIOS/Hard Drive settings were CHS not LBA and the IDE interface provided no Auto data for formatting. It was possible then to set a larger size hard drive than was actually connected, and use it, but of course at some point it would fail as the actual storage was not all there!

  8. ians1 said


    This method is only a workaround as the USB MSD will still say 16GB capacity till the cows come home or it is reflashed with different firmware.

    All this does is ensure DOS/Windows never tries to write more than the actual data storage capacity to the device.

    But it seems to work quite well, no errors writing or reading from the device as a 1.8GB device.

    One small point, it seems like the controller chip always takes part of the flash memory at boot up, about 256MB,but I may be reading this wrong.

    The small (17-50MB) partition remained on mine even after re-partitioning, must be just different revisions of the hack, maybe.

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