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SOSFakeFlash Releases List Of Genuine eBay Sellers For MP Players – Usb Flash Drives – Memory Cards

Posted by inspectortech on February 16, 2009

SOSFakeFlash at the request of victims who bought False Capacity MP Players, Memory Cards and USB Flash Drives has just released a list of Safe Sellers on eBay. Sellers who sell true capacity items and stand behind their products!

See Safe Ebay Sellers For USB Flash Drives – MP Players – Memory Cards – Genuine Capacity/

This is a new program lauched by the FrankenFlash Project. eBay members may nomiate sellers. eBay sellers may apply. The list is dynamic and will be updated. A similar program will be launched for internet sites soon.

For over 9 months the FrankenFlash Project has been investigating the issue of false capacity MP Players, Usb Flash Drives and Memory Cards. There are several different groups working together, all staffed by victims of ‘fake flash” as it is commonly referred to. Members are volunteers. They span the globe and come from many different walks of life. Their common objective is to stop the sale of these dangerous items.

Too many people have suffered from data loss. Whether unbranded or brand names (counterfeited) – it makes little difference. Sellers who are honest and sell the genuine items are buried beneath a sea of fraudsters out for a quick dollar – without a thought for the damage they are doing.

The FrankenFlash Project has been relentless in it’s pursue of sellers who offer these items. It does not matter how many or how few these sellers have sold. The public at large is contributing – identifying the sellers and providing evidence. On eBay, outreaches to sellers have and are being conducted asking them to verify that the items are of genuine capacity. There has been a great deal of success in Europe, some in the United States and sadly little in the Orient.

This new programme will highlight honest sellers to help eBay members select a genuine seller. Soon a programme for safe internet sellers will be launched. It is hoped this will help consumers find true capacity items and avoid the tragedy of data loss.

The project will not accept referral fees or donations from sellers. The integrity of the project requires this. Members currently fund their activities from their own pockets, regardless of the hardship this entails. Those who work toward the goal of ridding our world of these devices and exposing those who sell them on the internet, embrace values from a bygone era.

Sellers who have integrity and who strive to sell true capacity items deserve recognition and to be promoted.

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